Thanking the Old Welcoming the New... Board Meeting Review

The new Board of Directors in in place (for the most part)... some good news and some bad news. First off thank you to all the board members that are no longer on the board. Your service to the league and to making this work was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Bill Kinsey for serving so many years as the President and for staying involved to make it easier for the next President to step in. Special thanks to Mary Kinsey for putting up with Bill and for serving as the Secretary for so many years. To the other members that are leaving, thanks to Chris Howe for his work as treasurer, Mike Cooper for his dedication to the maintenance of the field and to all the others that have worked so hard to make it all run smoothly... I appreciate you time spent and the girls appreciate what you have done.

We have a number of new members of the board and some old member moving into different positions. I would like to thank Corinne Bronkema... her hard work on the concessions stand day in and day out made it a great success. She will be the new Treasurer, thank you for stepping into that important position. Replacing Corinne as Concession Stand manager will be Jennifer Fritz. Thank you Jenn for stepping up, I know you will continue the great work started last year and make the concessions stand a huge success. Mike Preble will be the new Facilities Manager and will be assisted by Colby Walker. Thank you both for all the time put in last year and for taking the lead this year. Thanks to Kim Walker for talking the position of Secretary on the board. Jake Tweedy is taking over the Umpires-in-Chief position this year as Bill Kinsey steps down from that position. Randy Willard will be moving into the 8U Director position, replacing Mark McGuire. Rene Cooper will be remaining as Vice President; Jodi Carnes will remain in as Equipment Manager... thank you both for continuing to work hard to make this league a success.

Finally I would like to thank the returning members for their continued service. Thank you Brain Smith for remaining a member of the board and to Melissa Lambert for continuing with the U6 Director. Bill Kinsey will be staying on and taking over as U16 Director and Mary Kinsey will be staying on the board. If I missed anyone I am sorry, thank you all.

Despite all the good news there is one position we need to fill and that is President. Renee Cooper is not able to step into that position at this time, but the whole board has committed to help whoever is willing to step into that position. If you know of anyone or if you feel that you could step up; please contact either Renee Cooper or myself. We need to fill this position by January 1st. It is not an easy position but it is rewarding! I cannot stress enough that for this league to survive we need someone in the leadership position. Please call or email if you would like to put in for the position president or know someone who would be good in that position. I am hoping that I can post something new on this site soon, introducing the new president of SBR.

Thank you all. I will be staying on as the web/media director. I am also going to take the 10U Director position. I know this is going to be a great year! I cannot wait to see you all this spring!

Mark McGuire
10U Director
Web/Media Director