Long Winter -- New Division Director

Hello 10U players and parents. My name is Mark McGuire and I am the new director for this division. I know it is early but I am still excited for the coming year. I hope to make some changes to the rules so you will see a little different play this year. The supplemental rules will be listed on this page for you to check out. I am trying to place more emphasis on developing pitchers this year, so you are not going to see coaches pitching. I also want to host more pitching and hitting clinics this year for the 10U age group. Keep watching for the latest updates on this site. That is going to just be one of the changes. I hope the girls will be ready and excited to play.

As we move forward you will be getting flyers from school. Please sign up early if you can. As soon as we can get teams organized we will be able to start practices. I am looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions please send me an email and I will answer you as quickly as possible. You can use the link on the Board Room page or just email me, 10udirector@somersworthyouthsoftball.org.

Mark McGuire
10U Division Director

Teams for the 2012 Season

Nelson Analytical

Manager: Brian Smith

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Somersworth Police

Manager: Rene Cooper

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Supplemental Rules 10U Division (2013)

  1. Babe Ruth Softball 12U Division rules apply with the 10U exceptions which are listed in the 2013 Babe Ruth Softball Rules and Regulations Book. The 2013 S/R/B Youth Softball Local League Options stated below also apply.

  2. The pitching distance shall be 35 feet using an 11” ball per Babe Ruth rules.

  3. NEW UPDATE 9/14/2012: A team must field at least 7 players or forfeit the game. Forfeit games will be logged as a 6-0 victory for the other team. Games should still be played if possible to give the girls as much play time as possible.

  4. NEW UPDATE 7/12/2012: There will be no coach pitch. Team pitchers will pitch the whole game. Girls will not be allowed to pitch more than 6 innings in consecutive games. Any innings in which the girls pitch will be counted as one inning even if only a single pitch is thrown. (This is a change from last season. We need coaches to develop pitching on all teams as there is no coach pitch in tournament play.)

  5. Umpires will be scheduled for all U10 games.

  6. If batter gets hit by a pitch they take 1st base.

  7. NEW UPDATE 7/12/2012: Base runners may advance to 2nd and 3rd base on passed balls.

  8. NEW UPDATE 7/12/2012: 2nd and 3rd are the only bases that can be stolen. A base runner intending to steal cannot leave base until the pitched ball crosses home plate (remove: and is in control of the catcher). Home plate may not be stolen at any time.

  9. For any ball that is in play base runners may advance until runner is tagged or forced out, or the pitcher regains possession and control of the ball within the pitching circle. Per Babe Ruth rules any runner that rounds a base then stops beyond that base must return to that base if the pitcher gains control of the ball within the pitching circle. A runner that rounds a base and does not stop as the pitcher collects and controls the ball within the pitching circle can attempt to advance to the next base.

  10. UPDATE 8/31/2012: Teams are limited to scoring 5 runs per inning through the first 5 innings. The 6th inning will be unlimited runs.

  11. NO mercy rule.

  12. A 6 inning game is a complete game; a 4 inning game is an official game. If teams are unable to complete 4 innings due to darkness, play through as many innings as possible. All games will have a one hour and 45 minute time limit. At the end of that time if the game is in the middle of an inning the score will revert back to the last completed inning.

  13. The ball is live only when put in play by the batter or the catcher making a throw through to a base.

  14. The infield fly rule is in affect when called by the umpire. An infield fly rule is called when there are less than two outs and there are runners on first and second base or the bases are loaded. Once call has been made by the umpire the batter is out regardless of if the ball is caught or not. Runners can advance at their own risk. If the ball is caught the runner will have to tag up in order to advance safely. Infield fly rule does not apply to bunted balls or line drives that are caught. Remember the infield fly rule is a judgment call by the umpire.

  15. Teams are to have no more than 10 players on the field, 4 outfielders, 4 infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. Outfielders must remain on the outfield grass until the ball is put into play.

  16. Coaches must have their entire team roster in the batting lineup. We want each player to get as many at-bats as possible during a game.

  17. Any ball thrown out of bounds by a player is a dead ball. Runners that are in motion advancing to the next base when the overthrow occurs may proceed to that next base. Runners that are stopped on a base or retreating back to a base during an overthrow cannot advance.

  18. Each team must man the concession stand during their scheduled times. If the team assigned is unable to find parents to volunteer they will forfeit a game for every night the concession stand is not covered by the team.

  19. NEW UPDATE 7/12/2012: 10U Director will meet with all the 10U coaches before the beginning of the year to go over the supplemental rules. Coaches concerns can be addressed at that time.


Mark McGuire


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