New 8U Director Welcome

I would like to thank Randy Willard for heading up the 8U division this year. We had a great program last year and enjoyed playing in a number of tournaments. We would like to continue this year developing a great 8U program for the girls. I am sure that he will do a great job. Please welcome him on and if you have an questions I am sure he will be happy to answer them.

Mark McGuire
Web/Media Director

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Supplemental Rules Division (2013)

  1. Babe Ruth Softball 12U Division rules apply and are listed in the 2012 Babe Ruth Softball Rules and Regulations Book. The 2012 S/R/B Youth Softball Local League Options for 8U Division stated below also apply.

  2. The pitching distance shall be 30 to35 feet using an 11” ball per Babe Ruth rules. All pitchers will start their windup with both feet within the pitchers circle. Pitchers circle is 8ft Radius from the center of the pitching rubber.

  3. There are no walks in 8U. Team pitchers will be used until each batter has received 3 balls. The batter does not take a base, instead will stay at the plate for “coach pitch”. Coach pitch will continue with the existing count. Balls and strikes will be called by the batting teams coach during player pitch (Strikes not swung at should be called during player pitch). Batter will either hit OR strike out. A batter can only strike out on swinging strikes once the coach is pitching. Once a batter has hit or struck out, the player pitcher will return to the mound for next batter. There is a 6 pitch maximum when coaches are pitching. If after the 6 pitches the batter has not hit the ball or struck out they will return to the bench and an out will be recorded. The batter will remain at the plate if on the 6th pitch and any pitch after that they foul off the ball.

  4. If batter gets hit by a pitch (by the team pitcher) it is their option to take 1st base or stay at the plate and continue the at bat.


  6. Base runners may not advance on passed balls by catcher.

  7. Runners will get one base on an over throw.

  8. Teams are limited to scoring 5 runs per inning, this includes the last inning. In other words a team that is at bat last and down by 6 runs cannot win the game but should still hit to allow more play time for all. This is the same as 12U division.

  9. There will not be a mercy rule of any type.

  10. 5 innings is a complete game. After three innings the game is an official game. If teams are unable to complete 3 innings due to darkness, play through as many innings as possible. If you do not complete 3 innings it is not an official game. No new inning may begin after 7:30.

  11. The ball is live only when put in play by the batter or the catcher making a throw through to a base.

  12. NO infield fly rule is in effect.

  13. Teams are to have no more than 10 players on the field, 4 outfielders, 4 infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. Outfielder must start on the grass until the ball is put into play.

  14. Coaches will have their entire team roster in the batting lineup. We want each player to get as many at-bats as possible during a game

  15. NEW UPDATE 6/14/2012: A team must field at least 7 players or forfeit the game. Forfeit games will be logged as a 6-0 victory for the other team. Games should still be played if possible to give the girls as much play time as possible.

  16. Any ball thrown out of bounds (over the fence) by a player is a dead ball. Runners that are in motion advancing to the next base when the overthrow occurs may proceed to that next base. Runners that are stopped on a base or retreating back to a base during an overthrow cannot advance.

  17. NEW UPDATE 5/24/12--On all hits the runners will be allowed to advance until the ball is in the infield and is in the control of a player. The infield is defined as the dirt portion of the field. Once the ball is in the infield and under control of a player runners advancing to a base can continue to that base, runners stopped on a base or retreating back to a base cannot advance. If a throw is made by the player to a base they are no longer considered to be in control and runners may advance. Advances are not allowed on overthrows to the pitcher.

  18. Use of a Wilson Soft cover 11 inch ball will be used at all times. (This will allow the ball to hit further.)

  19. Pitchers will only be allowed to pitch 5 innings in consecutive games. Every inning pitched counts as an inning played. (even if only one pitch is thrown)

  20. Each team must man the concession stand during their scheduled times. IF that team is unable to find parents to volunteer they will forfeit that night’s game or the very next game on their schedule (if they are not playing that night). The forfeited game should still be played but will be recorded as a 6-0 loss for the team.

  21. 8U Director will meet with all the 8U coaches before the beginning of the year to go over the supplemental rules. Coaches concerns can be addressed at that time.


Randy Willard


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